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In addition to using it to track appointments and schedule time off, I also use my planner to track the weather, monitor Lyme symptoms, track medications, jot down dreams if I don’t have time to journal them, and keep to-do lists. In the monthly section, I write down when I change water and air filters, major weather events, birthdays, and other things it’s helpful to remember. In both the daily and monthly area, I record when I see the first red-headed woodpecker return in the fall and when hummingbirds return in the spring as well as bloom time for wildflowers. In the semi-annual part, I track health issues to see if there’s a pattern in symptoms. Last year I wrote down the first snowfall on the wrong year in the monthly section, so I was surprised this November when I went to write something in for December that I’d recorded that it had already snowed! That gave me the idea of doing a 5-year planner. Of course, I’ve written all over some of the pages in this one, but I’m thinking I may just play around with it next year … maybe use a specific color of ink for each year.

I’m a visual thinker and the planner really helps me map out my relationship with time. Plus it’s one more excuse to use a fountain pen! 🙂

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