Scheduling your goals

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I’m always trying to figure out ways to incorporate my goals into my daily and weekly schedule. Those big-picture items tend to get lost in the shuffle of all the millions of things I do each day.

I have discovered a reminder system that works well for me. In my Trinote on each day’s Notes space, I put each Goal category with space to fill it in when I complete it. For example, some of my daily goals are to take my vitamin supplement, exercise, and read something science-related.

So in each day’s space I have “Vit” with a box to check after I’ve taken it, “EXC” with space to write in what I did (walk, weights, ball or whatever), and “READ” with space to note what I read.

I have found that having a space to fill in reminds me to do the action and encourages me to do something so I can write it in.

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