Pens, paper, and clarity

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For the past couple of years, I’ve happily used Quo Vadis agendas; I started with University and then graduated into Business.

Now, though, I use a different weekly planner in the collection to manage my time: the IB Traveler Diary. I love how efficiently the Traveler is organized! Mine is kept in a Chelsea cover, tucked in front and paired with the Visoplan monthly calendar tucked in back. Between those two covers, I have both my week at a view and my month at a view (each useful for me); both are compactly bound with a Quo Vadis elastic bookmark, which also holds the address book in place between them. I use the monthly calendar to track social events and the week at a glance to schedule my work obligations. I plan on a weekly basis, but confirm appointments daily. I even write my commute times into time slots, so my scheduling is more accurate. Honestly, I tried electronic calendars but found them too “virtual”  for me. Seeing my schedule set in black & white just makes my life seem so much clearer to me. I’m so glad Quo Vadis believes in paper & pen as much as I do!

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