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This year I chose the Business 2010, to see a week at a glance instead of a day, like last year’s Journal 21. Big mistake!

Yes, this smaller format is portable and fits in a purse. But I am juggling:

1) Writing assignments

2) Medical appointments and drug doses [unfortunately a larger than anticipated category]

3) Meeting schedules and taskings for my Local Spiritual Assembly

4) Directions to people’s houses, phone numbers, and codes to get past their gates or security systems

5) Car maintenance, mileage, and expenses

6) Passwords

7) When items were mailed and when expected

8) Agents, manuscripts sent, and when to send a follow up query.

9) Shopping lists

10) Quotes and research I don’t want to forget.

11) Holy days and feasts

As you can see, 1 week to a page became overcrowded, unmanageable and stuffed with scraps of paper holding the overflow.

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