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Since I have never owned a Quo Vadis planner, I am going to tell you how I would use it if I had one.

Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know of Quo Vadis (please excuse my ignorance). Then I came across Laurie and her fantastic Plannerisms blog. Among all the planners she presents, the Quo Vadis line appeals the most to me. I especially like the Trinote format for the extra notes space for each day, but since recycled paper is a top priority of mine, the Minister, or even better, the larger President, would be my choice.

Here’s a hypothetical, photoshopped image:

If I owned either of these, I would use it as a diet, exercise, sleep and mood journal. Being a nutritionist, I am careful of what I eat; however, it is an ongoing struggle for me to eat regularly and make healthy lifestyle choices.

Two health concerns of mine are insomnia and insulin resistance. I have to be very careful about my simple carbohydrate intake, food combinations and the frequency of my meals and snacks. This, as well as my exercise habits, profoundly affect the quality and quantity of my sleep (rated as x out of 10 in the image). Many times have I tried to keep track of my habits in a regular agenda, without success. I often skipped days, and the entries I did make were incoherent and difficult to oversee. I think that a structured, dated approach would be far superior in helping me make connections among my habits and their effects. These include foods, exercise, bed times, my acne (I break out from simple carbs due to insulin spikes and my skin heals very slowly), how I feel upon waking, menstrual cycle signs and symptoms, and events that affect me emotionally. So far I have kept track of my periods for years, but not in conjunction with many other health factors. I have been trying to get to the bottom of my symptoms to possibly get an official medical diagnosis, which would allow me to take more specific action (e.g. what types and dosages of supplements and other treatments).

I did wonder whether a more spacious format, such as the Textagenda, would be more suitable for all this information. However, a scholarly format would be unpractical for my purpose, which excludes the Textagenda. Also, one feature I love about the Minister/President is the parallel overview of hours and days. At one glance, I can tell what I ate when, and how my moods and skin were the following hours and days. One suggestion, though: if you could add a few more hours to the day, then I could plan more into the evening (as for my sleep habits). Other people may use this for their night job, or going out (a rare indulgence for the insomniac that I am).

In summary, among all the available (especially recycled) planners known to me, I would opt for a Quo Vadis Equology Minister or President to facilitate and coordinate the details of my health journey. It may even make me think of new health-related features to use it for!

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