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Even though gardening is something I always look forward to in winter, I can never seem to remember to start my seeds until the weather’s warm — and by then, it’s already too late for a lot of stuff I’d like to plant, and I scramble to get things done.

Last year, I decided that enough was enough, so I picked up a Monthly 4 to help me get things together. Based on the average frost dates for my region, I can calculate roughly when each plant needs to go in the ground or be started in a seed pot. I can also look at a given month and quickly see all the tasks I need to do.

The notes pages at the back let me go into in more detail about what varieties I planted, how many plants I’m aiming to grow, and so on. If I were a more diligent gardener, I’d keep better track of when things actually germinated or set fruit, and record what I’d do differently next year. But hope always springs eternal when it comes to next year’s crop.

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