From mother to daughter

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I have a Black Habana Lined Notebook. I would love to take a picture of it and show you, but I trade it back and forth with my daughter each week.

This is her week to have it, and I was so excited to share my story, I didn’t want to wait another second to send it!

My daughter is 12 and her dad and I are divorced. We take turns writing each other what goes on in our days and then trade it back and the other person does it. Since I can’t be with her everyday it is nice to be able to sit back and read what she wrote about her week and all the fun stuff that she did and how she is doing on her school work.

I have been so happy with the notebook (that I received as a gift) that I have to believe that a planner would be awesome to assist me in my time management.

I am a mom, so I am busy with what goes on in my daughters life, but I am also busy with two – four doctor appointments each week, blogging daily, reviewing products and books as well as being a part time nanny to two awesome children.

So, I am looking forward to receiving the planner in the mail that I ordered for 2011 to assist me with managing my time, but would love to be able to share one with my daughter so she can keep track of her time at mom and dad’s as well as her social calendar!

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