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I use the Quo Vadis Trinote as my primary planner … and it’s pretty wonderful. Ideally Saturday and Sunday would get the same amount of space as the weekdays, but this is still one of the most functional planners I’ve ever used.

As an inveterate note taker, I’ve always carried notebooks. I always have one with me. For some reason this year, I picked up a Textagenda. It just appealed to me. Something about it is just perfect — the size, the weight — and it has become my own personal reference book. It goes with me everywhere. It is a pleasure to write in, and I can note practically everything. The dated pages are easily referenced in my Trinote, project files or other personal lists (books to read, etc.). On the days I have formal appointments, I can note those in the scheduling section. I don’t see this as keeping two planners at all, even though I do transfer some information — the Textagenda functions as an extension, and accommodates my need to take notes. It also helps me record what I’ve accomplished on days without formal appointments, and acts as a quasi-diary/journal when the need arises.

I wouldn’t give up the sleek Trinote’s weekly view and organization features, but the Textagenda fills another need for me.

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