An uncluttered mind

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Being a college student, I want a place to be able to write down the assignments I need to do and the things I should get accomplished every day (whether it’s related to school work or other errands). I also try to improve myself in small ways. For example, managing my finances, or scheduling my days and my household chores, etc. The best way I organize all of these, and clear my mind of all the clutter, is customizing my Notor.

On school days, I vertically split the big notes section in two sections.

On one side, I write the classes I have that day and the corresponding assignments, and on the other side, I write the things I must accomplish on that day. In the priority box right under the mini-schedule area, I write important events or the assignments or projects that are due on that day. Of course, I use the mini-schedule area to make sure I know when my classes are, when I set up appointments, when events are taking place, and when I can accomplish my tasks. Finally, the notes section is where I will either write some important note that does not relate to the other sections, or something special that happened on the day, etc.

On non-school days, I use the entire big notes section as either a place to write my to-do’s for the day, a packing list, manage my finances, schedule my house chores, make my 2-year plan for my Master’s degree, or even use as a journal.

2 thoughts on “An uncluttered mind

  1. I actually love to go back and see what I did in my life! It’s like reading a very interesting book, and reminiscing at the same time 🙂 I really enjoy keeping my old planners, and looking back at them every once in a while!

  2. I love seeing people’s actual planner pages…it’s so personal, something you usually don’t get to see! 🙂
    I wish I had kept a detailed record like this of my undergrad life.

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