A record of my life

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For the past 3 years, I’ve used your Journal 21, which I love; the smooth paper, the clean page layout, the efficient use of space, the monthly overview on each page, the priority box, and the handy format. I mostly used it as a diary and sketchbook, jotting down the details of my days, recipes that I come across at the library or at friends’ places, addresses, little hand-drawn maps, prices in stores, books I’ve read, and other trivia. I keep each “journal” for a record of my life.

For 2011, I decided I would not get the Journal 21 again (as much as I love it), as I feel the need for a more structured, organized system. I’ve been on a job hunt for too long, with many appointments for training courses, interviews, job search centers, and social workers. I also have doctors’ appointments and a move coming up, making me yearn for something like the Minister layout. 2010 has been a roller coaster, and the thought of tackling my life with a weekly schedule feels grounding to me, allowing me to add more control to my circumstances, hence reducing my stress. Amazing what a planner is capable of doing!

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