A colorful time management system

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I have a Quo Vadis Daily Pocket Planner with a Mignon European Leather cover. I find its size most convenient to carry around anywhere and look it up anytime, be it while traveling in my car or the Metro, or while attending a meeting or while dining out. It is one of my most precious possessions.


The Daily Pages of the Planner function as my

(a) To Do List for the day, with each entry placed against the correct time-line

(b) My Appointment Reminder

(c) List of tasks NOT planned previously, but attended during the day.

I customize each page with a colour-coding system that enables me to know at any time of the day the status of completion of all tasks of the day:

1. For each entry made against a particular time, I enclose the time figure (e.g. 9 am) on the left within a square drawn with a BLACK rollerball pen.

2. When the task is finished, I fill in the square with a GREEN rollerball.

3. If the task remains unfinished at the end of the day, and is to be carried over to another day, I fill in the square with RED.

4. If the task remains unfinished at the end of the day, but is NOT to be carried over to another day, I fill the square with BLACK (black symbolizes END). The same colour code goes for cancelled tasks also.

5. For tasks not planned earlier, but attended during the day, I use the last three ‘untimed’ lines at the bottom, making a blank circle in black before each task, and filling up with ORANGE upon completion.

I keep reviewing the day’s entries frequently during the course of the day. While planning for the next day, I keep on looking for RED SQUARE entries in the previous (day) page.


I use these limited pages judiciously. I use the Address Book Insert as a temporary bin. If the address entries are of long term importance, they are transferred to my Master Address Book at the earliest opportunity. Upon transfer, I put a GREEN filled-in circle against that name in the Address Book Insert. If the entries are of short-time use only, I don’t transfer it anywhere.


The Notes Pages are mighty precious pages for me. These pages being limited and having to last me the whole year, I use them only when I have to, that is, when I don’t have my pocket notebook with me for taking random notes.


The day I forget my ‘Quo Vadis Daily Pocket Planner With Mignon European Leather Cover’  (yes, that is my full description of my indispensable planner) at home, I remain a miserable, helpless man the whole day.

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