Laurie Huff is a true planner aficionado and has been writing about planners and notebooks since 2009 on her blog Plannerisms and as a contributor to Philofaxy blog. Laurie has used and reviewed hundreds of planners and notebooks over the years, and Quo Vadis are firm favorites. After enjoying using Quo Vadis planners for 20 years, Laurie was thrilled to join the Quo Vadis team in 2014.

Laurie has lived in several countries around the world including Nepal, Indonesia, Albania and Russia as well as several US locations including Alaska, Hawaii and Washington DC.

When she’s not writing about planners she enjoys walks in the forest, reading science magazines and watching wildlife.

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Karen Doherty is head of marketing for Exaclair, Inc. which distributes Quo Vadis planners and notebooks, Rhodia and Clairefontaine notebooks, J. Herbin inks and other wonderful stationery products from France. Some of the companies and mills are centuries old. She has a deep appreciation for their history, resilience, and ability to make products that are useful and innovative today. Karen carries around a planner, iPhone and notepad to jot down thoughts, ideas and to dos.

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Sunny Huang joined Exaclair, Inc. / Quo Vadis Planners in 2012. Disorganized and ignorant to planning he picked up a Quo Vadis and soon found out planning ahead helped keep him in the moment. Still fairly disorganized and consistently forgetting to write things down he’s a work in progress.

His hobbies include fountain pens, movies, TV and sports. Talk to him about the football Giants, Yankees or Brooklyn Nets only if you have hours of free time.

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