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Hello everyone,

Quo Vadis blog is on hiatus for the time being. This includes our Facebook page and groups (Page Per Day Journaling and Quo Vadis Planner and Notebook Users). Hopefully this will be a short break and I’ll be back with you soon!

Thank you all so much for reading Quo Vadis blog. While you are waiting for it to get back up and running, look in the sidebar where you can check out our blog archives and Categories to see all our posts over the years. You can use the Search bar to find anything specific you want to know about topics or products.

Take care everyone!




4 thoughts on “Quo Vadis blog hiatus

    • Welcome! Yes you can subscribe to Quo Vadis blog by email, look for Subscribe to Quo Vadis Blog in the sidebar (or scroll down toward the bottom of the page if you are using your phone).

  1. Take care too. While I enjoy reading your blog posts, everyone needs time off, especially during this crazy time. Take care and keep safe and healthy.

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