Writing Wednesday: Positive journaling in extraordinary times

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If you normally journal, or you want to journal right now, you might be at a loss as to what to journal about in these circumstances. You don’t want to journal about the news every day, because focusing on that won’t be beneficial to your motivation or anxiety levels. And with your normal routine thrown off, you might not feel like there is much to journal about.

I recommend focusing on what might seem like mundane details right now, but later when you look back you will realize they are pretty amazing. Write about helping your neighbors, or what a kind person did for your relatives. Write about who you checked in with each day. Write about how you and your family spent all these hours together. Write about things you suddenly have time to do.

When things get back to busy, you will look back on this time and cherish how it brought you together with people whose company you might have previously taken for granted.

There are several easy ways to stick to a journaling habit, even now. One popular method is Page Per Day Journaling (and you can join our group!). Another even easier way is micro-journaling in your planner, which can be a good use for your planner when you don’t have much to schedule or plan. If daily journaling doesn’t work for you, see our post on weekly journaling with ideas for themes to write about.

Are you journaling during these extraordinary times?

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