Writing Wednesday: Fountain Pen Love’s Massive List of Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Ratings

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Fountain Pen Love recently released a Massive List of Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Ratings, with loads of brands and types of paper compared and evaluated on how they perform with fountain pen inks. If you’ve ever wondered which paper would best serve your needs for your particular purpose, this is the place to look!

The handy chart lists ratings for sheen, shading, bleed-through, ghosting, feathering, and drying time. We were happy to see Clairefontaine Basic, Clairefontaine Triomphe, G Lalo, and Rhodia papers were rated highly.

Keep in mind, your mileage may vary with different types of paper, and performance can vary a lot depending on which type of ink and nib you are using. For example, many people like Tomoe River paper because sheen shows up very well, but there can be a lot of ghosting and show-through to the other side of the page.

Fountain pen friendly papers used in Exaclair products are usually 80-90 gsm or sometimes higher, depending on the product and its intended use. The papers are designed to have low absorbency, to avoid bleed-through and feathering. This can mean longer drying times, especially for wetter inks.

You can read more about the paper used in Quo Vadis planners and notebooks here, and about the manufacturing process at our paper mill in France here.


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