Time management Monday: Pocket notebook catch-all

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As I’m sure is the case for many people right now, I am completely off my normal schedule. I keep feeling like I’m forgetting something. I have found it helpful to keep a notebook in my pocket at all times to write down everything that comes to mind so I can catch thoughts before I forget them.

Carrying a pocket notebook is especially helpful right now. Even though I normally work from home, my routine is completely off with everyone else at home too. I normally would be sitting at my desk and consulting my planner regularly. Now I’m floating room to room, staying out of the way of my husband (who is on video calls for most of the day), and my kids who are on video calls with their teachers and classmates for virtual school. These days I do most of my work at the kitchen table, but sometimes I move outside. Even while I’m not working I think of things to do later, people I need to check in with, and other random thoughts.

Carrying a pocket notebook helps a lot when I’m feeling particularly scattered. I can grab all those thoughts as they flit through my head. Once they are down on paper, they are easier to work with.

What is helping you feel less scattered and more in control these days?

Notebook shown: my well-worn Clairefontaine pocket notebook


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