Time management Monday: Adjusting dates

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As a person who loves to plan, I normally use my planner heavily throughout the day. Even though I haven’t been using my planner as much as I usually do, I’m finding it useful and comforting to adjust the dates in my planner to reflect the new reality.

I have been going through my planner and adjusting dates that have been canceled or postponed. I like to write in things that are relevant not only to myself but on a wider scale as well. For example I noted in my planner that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have been moved to next year.

To remind myself of fun things to look forward to, I’ve been writing the release dates of movies I’m excited to see!

I also went through my planner and adjusted the dates of bills due and their amounts. Some institutions have given an extension on due dates, and some have temporarily reduced amounts due. I made a note that Tax Day has been extended to July 15th.

And I’ve made sure to recognize those things that have not changed: birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. We might have to celebrate them differently than we had planned, but it’s still important to acknowledge them.

Keeping up to date in my planner helps me feel more in control of my situation and on top of the changes. I hope your planner is helping you in these changing times!

(Planners shown: the January-December Hebdo/ academic year Scholar planner and the pocket size Sapa X/ Academic Sapa X weekly planners.)

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