Month Review for April 2020: Your focus each week

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Welcome to this month’s post in our series designed to help you do your Month Reviews!

Monthly reviews help you see what worked well and what didn’t in the past month. This helps you prepare for success in the next month. Doing monthly reviews regularly can help you stay on track with your goals and priorities.

In this monthly review series, each month has a new theme. You can pick the theme you like best and do that every month, or you can do the new theme each month, or pick and choose the elements you like from all the month themes to do your monthly review. Remember, this is all about you! Do what you find most useful.

You can see how to do a basic month review here, and you can see all the month review themes so far here.


At the beginning of this month, this Month’s Theme was to create a new focus for each week. This was to give you the opportunity to explore your interests and break up the month. By creating week-long goals, you were able to accomplish something meaningful in a short amount of time, and explore a variety of interests throughout the month.

How did you do?  Look through each week in your planner or notebook and ask yourself:

What was your focus each week?

What did you learn or accomplish each week?

What was your favorite thing about each week’s focus?

How will you continue to explore each of these in the future?


I hope you found things you enjoyed each week and that it helped boost your morale and motivation!


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