Clairefontaine Paint On art pad review and media demos

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The Art Gear Guide recently did an epic review of Clairefontaine Paint On multimedia art pads. You can see the post here and the accompanying video here:

He compares the Paint On paper to other multi media papers he has used:

I’ve used Multi Media Pads before, by quite a few different companies and none of them compare to this Clairefontaine Paint On Multi Techniques pad, but in fairness, technically, the pad I am reviewing is not really called a Multi Media Pad, more like Multi Media on steriods.

He uses a huge variety of media on the paper, including colored pencils, graphite, alcohol markers, watercolors (pencils, crayon, and pans), and more. He shows his methods and describes the results for each medium used. His review is very extensive! You can see his entire review here to see how the paper reacted to each medium.

Clairefontaine Paint On Pads come in a variety of sizes and paper colors. The 250g drawing and sketch paper is perfect for acrylic painting, gouache, ink, dry or oil pastels, collages and dry techniques.

• Heavyweight drawing and sketch paper for wet or dry media
• 250g (115lb) paper
• White pad: 40 sheets
• Natural pad: 30 sheets
• Acid-free
• Suitable for acrylic, pastel, graphite, pen, pencil and mixed media

Clairefontaine Paint On mixed media art pads are available in the USA at these online retailers.

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