Time management Monday: Adjust your goals

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This month hasn’t gone the way anyone expected it to go. We’ve all had a shift in our priorities. Some people are bored at home, while others are busier than ever. Before, your priorities may have been different. Now you might find yourself homeschooling your kids while working from home, adjusting to new routines (or lack thereof), and/ or possibly coping with a new financial situation.

Don’t throw your old goals out. Take a look at them and see how they can be adjusted. Ask yourself the following:

What were my priorities before? What did I intend to focus on?

What are my priorities now? What do I need to focus on this month?

Which of my previous goals can I still incorporate into my current situation?

Which of my previous goals do I need to put off for awhile?

Which of my previous goals are no longer relevant and I can cross them off?

Remember to adjust your expectations. Things may be different now, but you can still accomplish a version of your goals in different ways.

For example if one of your goals was to go to the gym however many times per week, don’t just give up on your exercise goals. Instead of working out at the gym, look up calisthenics and workout videos you can do at home. If you don’t have exercise equipment, think of ways to use household items or your own body weight to work out.

If you had work/ career goals that have now changed, don’t throw those out the window. Think of how you can redirect your energy to your new work situation.

Make sure to prioritize self care: hydrate, eat healthy food, get enough sleep and exercise.

If you have some goals that you do have to let go of, allow yourself to grieve for them, but not too long. It’s okay to acknowledge that you are upset or sad that your reality has changed.

For example, many important events have been cancelled. Many people are finding that they will not be able to experience milestones in their and other people’s lives such as graduations and weddings. But don’t allow yourself to wallow in your sadness about it. If possible, recreate some version of these events via video group chats, or by sharing photos.

Most of us will have to adjust our goals at least to some degree. Remember to make choices your future self will thank you for.

Take care everyone!

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