Time management Monday: Preview your month

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Monthly pages in Life Noted planner

The beginning of the month (or even better, the end of the previous month) is a good time to preview your upcoming month. Look through your planner and see what is coming up in the following categories:

Events: What events are happening this month? Be aware of your level of effort in preparing for each event depending on whether you are hosting, volunteering/ assisting, or attending. What do you need to do to get ready?

Holidays and vacation days: Are there any holidays coming up this month that you will be observing? Do you have time off from work/ school this month? Do your kids have any school breaks this month? Make sure to prepare for any of these.

Appointments: Do you have any medical or dental appointments coming up this month? Will you need to do anything to follow up on those? Do you have any other types of appointments coming up?

Big meetings: If you have big meetings coming up for work, school (your dissertation committee maybe?), volunteering, or anything else, make a note of what you need to do to prepare.

Deadlines: What projects or reports do you have due this month? Do you have any exams? What else do you need to prepare for at work or school?

Bills due: Check what you need to pay this month, especially for non-monthly bills like insurance payments, etc. Make sure the money is in your account in time for the payments to go out.

Sneak peek at the following month: Get an idea of what is coming up in the following month, especially at the beginning of the month, so big things don’t take you by surprise.

For each item on this list, write action steps in your planner at the time when you will need to do them so you can prepare for each thing in plenty of time.

Planner shown: the Life Noted planner has month on two pages calendars as well as weekly pages and annual and monthly review pages. For more information on the January-December Life Noted planner click here, and for the academic year Life Noted planner click here.

Here are all the Quo Vadis planners with monthly planning pages. Click on the links for more information about each planner, including where to buy.

January-December planners:

Life Noted



Space 24

Space 17


Journal 21

Academic year planners:


Academic Minister

Academic Life Noted

For more details on which type of monthly planning pages each planner has, click here.

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