Month Theme for February 2020: Working Through Challenges

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On the first Wednesday of each month we have a post with the month’s theme. The month theme is something to think about, journal about, include in your daily intentions, and/or be mindful of all month. It’s also a good topic for folks doing our Page Per Day Challenge.

When I did last month’s review, I looked through all of my wins for each week to see what went well. But throughout the month, I noticed something: as I did my Wins This Week I also noticed, by contrast, my challenges. Sometimes my wins were overcoming the challenges. Sometimes the challenges were something I just had to get through.

For this month, my theme is going to be Working Through Challenges. I will notice, and write down each week, what I do to work through my challenges. Then at the end of this month I will write out how I overcame each challenge. My goal is to create a toolbox for working through similar challenges in the future.

I will keep doing my Wins This Week so that I can continue with my theme this year of optimism and positivity. I also hope to find a way to put a positive spin on challenges. If I see them as a learning opportunity instead of obstacles, I can learn resilience.

What can you do this month to work through your challenges?

The Month Theme comes out on the first Wednesday of each month. You can see all the month themes here.


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