Jaques Herbin Exclusive Inks

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The Goulet Pen Company recently included the Jacques Herbin Exclusive Line of inks in their roundup of the Hottest Inks of 2019. You can see the video here:

Most people probably don’t realize there is an entire line of Jacques Herbin inks that is only available in the USA from Goulet Pens. These inks are new, upscale, and admittedly not cheap (especially for the scented inks). The Jacques Herbin inks are made in Paris to the highest standards, upholding the history of the brand since its beginning in 1670.

You have probably heard of the 1670 and 1798 lines of anniversary inks. These new Jacques Herbin inks are in addition to those lines.

These inks come in sets of the Lunares and Solaris colors, which feature a selection of the inks. The entire line of inks is available to buy individually in sample size or full size bottles, or in cartridges.

Jacques Herbin exclusive Solaris colors

Jaques Herbin exclusive Lunares colors


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