Writing Wednesday: InCoWriMo in February!

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February 1st is the start of InCoWriMo! During International Correspondence Writing Month, participants hand write and mail or deliver one letter, card, postcard or note every day for the month of February.

Of note: these have to be written by hand (for the personalized experience) and you have to actually send/ deliver the correspondence! It doesn’t count if you write a letter and never send it.

The goal is to get people to connect with physical, handwritten notes. There’s something about receiving a handwritten letter or note. It’s a physical, personal thing.

This year is a leap year so you have an extra day of correspondence!

And to answer your next question, no you don’t necessarily have to send the letters internationally. The “International” in the title means people all over the world participate. Click here to officially participate via the InCoWriMo website.

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Will you be participating in InCoWriMo this year?

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