Writing Wednesday: Goulet Inksploration with Jaques Herbin Vert Amazone ink

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Katie at Goulet Pens recently did an Inksploration review of Jaques Herbin Vert Amazone ink. In her review, Katie said:

Vert Amazone reminds me of a walk through the woods, which is one of my happy places! I also love rich, vibrant inks and this one checked off both of those boxes for me.

She did an extensive review with drying times, smear and drip tests, saturation, shading, flow, and performance on a variety of papers. You can see Katie’s entire review of Vert Amazone here. She also did an accompanying art video using Vert Amazone, which you can see here:

Jaques Herbin Vert Amazone ink is available at Goulet Pens and other fine retailers!


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