Time management Monday: Wins This Week

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Keeping with my theme of optimism and looking for the good, I have started a new habit. At the end of each week, I review my Wins This Week.

I have discovered I don’t like doing an in-depth evaluation of each week. I end up going down a rabbit hole of analysis. So usually I just move forward any unfinished tasks and that’s it.

But I realized I was missing an opportunity to boost my confidence and see just how effective and productive I am. So I decided to write down my Wins This Week to acknowledge and highlight things that went well.

My Wins This Week can be anything. It can be achieving a goal, like if I reached my monthly weight loss goal that week. Or it could be something unexpected, something fun that happened, a challenge I conquered, or anything else that went well.

You can do your Wins This Week in any way you like: write a page in your journal or bullet journal, write them into your planner, or if you want to be super quick just go through your week with a highlighter and highlight your wins. I like to write my WTW as they happen, to celebrate them at the time. Then at the end of the week I look back through my Wins This Week to see what my successes were.

At the end of each month I’ll look through my Wins This Week and see what a great month I had!

5 thoughts on “Time management Monday: Wins This Week

    • Glad you like it! I’m finding it very helpful to write down my wins each week. It’s also very interesting what ranks as a win for me!

  1. At the end of the week I list “accomplishments.” It’s easy in my Space 24 desk planner (the BEST planner ever.) Under that I list “what could be better.” Takes about 5 minutes.

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