Month Review for January 2020: Wins This Month

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Welcome to this month’s post in our series designed to help you do your Month Reviews!

Monthly reviews help you see what worked well and what didn’t in the past month. This helps you prepare for success in the next month. Doing monthly reviews regularly can help you stay on track with your goals and priorities.

In this monthly review series, each month has a new theme. You can pick the theme you like best and do that every month, or you can do the new theme each month, or pick and choose the elements you like from all the month themes to do your monthly review. Remember, this is all about you! Do what you find most useful.

You can see how to do a basic month review here, and you can see all the month review themes so far here.


You might remember my post earlier this month about how I would do my Wins This Week in an effort to focus on optimism this year. My Wins This Week experiment turned out to be interesting for several reasons.

First of all, it was harder to stick with than I anticipated. I had planned on writing my Wins as they happened, or at least writing them down the same day. But often I discovered that I didn’t really recognize something as a Win until after the fact. So sometimes it worked better to look back on my entire week after it was over and write down my Wins.

What I considered to be my Wins reflected my goals and values, which seems obvious but sometimes manifested in surprising ways.


Some of my Wins This Month:

I completed a couple of big, time-consuming chores I had been putting off for a long time.

I finished reading a book I really wanted to read (and did a review of it here).

Got through a particularly stressful and challenging week successfully.

Had a catch-up over coffee with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile.

Enjoyed an excellent meal out with my family.


What I learned from my Wins This Month:

It was important to celebrate successes, whether it was the chores I finally finished or just managing to make it through a tough time. Acknowledging the difficulties I got through really cemented the successes in my mind.

I realized that social events, even small ones, are more important to me than I realized.

I also discovered that my personal goals that I usually push to the side in favor of more urgent matters are still important to me and it felt good to celebrate them, which made me want to do more.


As the month went on, I found it easier to forget to do my Wins This Week. But now looking back over the month, I realize how important they are. I will continue doing my Wins This Week and review them at the end of each month. I think this will help create a positive mindset, and it will be fun to look over the highlights of my month!


Look back over your planner, journal, and or bullet journal for this month:

What were your Wins This Month?

What types of things did you consider to be a Win?

Which goals did you accomplish?

Which things surprised you?

For more help with evaluating your months, the Life Noted planners have monthly and yearly review pages built right in and are designed to help you plan and track your goals all year. They are available in academic year or January-December formats. Click the links for more information including where to buy.

Month review posts are on the last Friday of each month. Check back each month for a new theme!


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