Daily Journaling Prompts for February 2020

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I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.

Continuing our series on daily journaling prompts, here is a list of journaling topics for every day for the upcoming month! This gives everyone some new ideas for journaling, and can help take the pressure off to think of something to journal about every day, especially for people doing our Page Per Day Challenge.

Some days are the same each month:

At the beginning of each month we write our goals for the upcoming month. Even if you did this earlier in the year, things change so it’s a good idea to re-set and update your goals each month. We also write what we are looking forward to this month.

Mid-month we see what progress we’ve made. This is a chance to jump-start any goals that have slipped off your radar and regain focus.

At the end of the month we write about good things/ favorite moments for the month, and evaluate our goals progress to see what still needs work in the upcoming weeks.

All the other days have new journaling topics and writing prompts!


This month is all about senses.

1: What do you want to do this month? Write your goals for the month, and think about what you need to do to accomplish them. What are you looking forward to this month?

2: What are 5 things you saw today?

3: Write about 4 things you heard today.

4: What were 3 things you touched today? Describe the textures.

5: What were your 2 favorite things you tasted today? What were your least favorite things you tasted today?

6: What was something you smelled today? Did it remind you of anything?

7: Smell is the sense most closely linked to the brain and can conjure memories. Which fragrances bring back childhood memories?

8: What is your favorite type of natural fragrance? (Fruit, seaside, woods, your dog, etc.) Why?

9: What is your favorite synthetic fragrance? Does it remind you of someone?

10: Taste is closely linked to smell. What are your favorite flavors?

11: Texture affects how we enjoy our food. What are your least favorite food textures?

12: Which foods do you remember eating often as a child?

13: Which foods do you most enjoy eating now? How have your tastes changed over the years?

14: Happy Valentine’s Day! What was something sweet you ate today?

15: Mid-month review! How are your goals coming along? What can you accomplish in the remainder of this month?

16: What are your favorite textures to touch? Do you like smooth and cool textures? Soft and fluffy? Rough and interesting textures? Regular/ irregular?

17: What are your favorite fabrics to wear? Cotton? Linen? Silk? Leather? Stretchy? Loose?

18: Which colors do you find soothing to look at?

19: Which colors do you find annoying to look at?

20: Describe (or draw) what you picture when you think of beautiful scenery. What type of landscape is it? What season is it? What is the weather?

21: Describe (or draw) an object you consider to be beautiful.

22: What is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning?

23: What types of sounds do you like waking up to?

24: What types of music do you enjoy?

25: What types of music or sounds do you find irritating?

26: What are your favorite sounds? Where do you hear these sounds?

27: Where is a place you have been, or would like to go, that pleases all of your senses: visually beautiful or interesting, delicious food, pleasant fragrances, sounds (or lack thereof) that you enjoy, a comfortable temperature/ weather.

28: What good things happened this month? What were your favorite moments this month?

29: Happy Leap Day! It’s time for your Month Review! How did this month go? Which goals did you complete? What do you still need to work on?

The new Daily Journaling Prompts for the next month come out on the last Wednesday of each month.


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