Unique and different planner layouts

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If you’re tired of the same old planner layouts or are looking for something a bit different, Quo Vadis has planners with layouts that are unique. Below are some of them. You can click on the links to see more information about each planner, including where to buy. You can see all the Quo Vadis planners at QuoVadisPlanners.com.

The day per page Notor planner has a neat layout where the timed schedule is at the top of the page, there is a space for the day’s Priority, then the rest of the page has lined space for lists, notes, journaling, etc.

Notor day per page planner

This layout is also available in the August-July Textagenda day per page planner.

The Trinote weekly planner has timed daily schedules, space at the top for each day’s Priority, space every day for notes or lists, and a weekly dashboard for categorized lists and notes. This layout is also available in the extra-large Prenote.

Trinote weekly planner


If you want lots of space to plan your daily schedule and write your weekly lists and notes, in a very lightweight and portable book, check out the Minister weekly planner. This layout is also available in the pocket size Business, compact Executive, and extra large President. Even the extra large planners are slim and lightweight so they are easy to carry with you.

Minister weekly planner


Another unique layout from Quo Vadis is the pocket size IB Traveler weekly planner. This go-everywhere planner has timed daily schedules, weekly categorized list spaces, and space for the week’s priority.

IB Traveler weekly planner

The Monthly 4 planner is back this year by popular demand! The monthly layout has a categorized lists dashboard to keep your priorities in sight all month.

Monthly 4 planner


This one is an academic year planner: The August to July Principal has timed daily schedules, space each day for notes, and daily categorized lists. The Principal planners are still in stock at Classic Office Products.

Principal academic year planner

To see all the Quo Vadis planners in January-December or academic year formats see QuoVadisPlanners.com.


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