Time management Monday: Getting your planner ready for the new year

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Happy New Planner Day for everyone starting a new weekly planner today! Here’s how to make sure your planner is all ready for the new year.

In the post How To Set Up A New Planner I walk you through the process of making sure all your important dates get into your planner right from the start. Quo Vadis planners have holidays printed on the day spaces, so you don’t have to worry about writing those in. I like to go through and highlight the holidays that are important to me, and reminders of when to change the clocks. I also write in birthdays, bills due (so they don’t sneak up on me month to month!), and appointments already scheduled. You might need to consolidate calendars from various sources for school/ work deadlines, birthdays, etc. See more details here on making sure all your important dates and deadlines are in your planner.

I like to print certain pages to stick into my planner every year, like a list of important phone numbers (in case my phone gets lost or goes dead), and insurance details for quick reference just in case. You might like to print financial information like a schedule of bills due, school calendars and schedules, family members’ information, or anything else you would like to have in your planner for reference all year. I find it much easier to print these pages than to hand write them year to year, and if the information changes (like if a phone number or policy number changes) it’s easy to update the information and print a new page. You can see more advice on printing information pages for your planner in the post Printables for your Planner.

Most Quo Vadis planners come with a removable booklet in the back of the planner. These booklets are a great place to put your printed pages, write in information, make lists, keep your collections, and more. These booklets can easily be replaced when they are full. You can buy a variety of types of booklets to fit your planner including tabbed address booklets, blank booklets, and all-in one booklets (selection available depends on the size of your planner). You can see more information here about where to buy different types of booklets to fit in the back of your planner.

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