Time management Monday: Fitting in time to meet with your supporters

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Humans are social animals, and we all need support from each other. But with our busy schedules, it’s hard to find time to meet with the people who can support you toward your goals regularly enough to gain a benefit. There’s only so much you can jam into your weekly schedule. But, you can create pockets of time during the month to fit in time to meet with the people who can help you reach your goals.

Professional: For example, say you want to do a mentor/mentee program. Meeting for an hour twice per month can have a big impact by giving you a chance to transfer information, and will give you ideas to think about and things to work on before the next meeting.

Social: Maybe there is a friend you want to reconnect with, but time keeps going by and you never manage to meet up. Make a plan to have coffee together on the first Thursday of every month.

Physical: Another example: you want to work out with a personal trainer but don’t have the time and/ or money to meet weekly. Schedule sessions once or twice per month with your trainer, and take notes on the exercises to do between now and the next time you meet. At the next session your trainer should see improvement, and can tell you what to do next to reach the next level.

Fitting in time once or twice per month to meet with the people who can support you toward your goals can be very effective, as long as:

  • You do it consistently, and
  • You do the work in between sessions

By meeting regularly with your supporters, you will gain traction toward your goals and will know you’re not in it alone!

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