Notebook Stories reviews the Quo Vadis Life Journal Infinite

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If you have any interest in notebooks and you don’t already read Notebook Stories, you should. This long-running blog has notebook reviews, articles about famous people’s notebooks, advice on how to best use your notebooks, and more.

Nifty, the author of Notebook Stories, recently reviewed the Quo Vadis Life Journal Infinite, which is an undated planner set up for bullet journaling.

Nifty discusses all the pre-formatted, undated pages including the monthly and weekly pages, habit trackers, collections, and index, and says:

All of these layouts are attractively designed and very practical. They align perfectly with all the basic guidelines for the Bullet Journal method. The modern calligraphy font used for headers is just like what you see all over Instagram! If you don’t want to go to the trouble of setting all these layouts up yourself in a plain journal, you will love the Quo Vadis Life Journal Infinite.

And of course another plus is the 90 gsm Clairefontaine paper, which is designed to be used with fountain pens and other inks.

Noting the price of the journal (which starts at $23 depending on the retailer), Nifty notes, “If you factor in the cost of your time to set up all those Bullet Journal layouts by hand, even at minimum wage, that’s a great deal!”

The Quo Vadis Life Journal Infinite is available in the USA at Barnes and Noble and at Goulet Pens, and in the UK (with worldwide shipping available) at You can click here to see more details and information about the Life Journal Infinite.

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