Month, Year, and Decade review, December 2019: Patterns

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Welcome to this month’s post in our series designed to help you do your Month Reviews!

Normally in this series, we review the month with a new theme each month. But this month is exceptional: not only are we reviewing the month and, since it’s December, the year, we are also reviewing the decade!

For this review, we are going to look for patterns in your life.

First step: evaluate this month, using either the basic month review or whichever of the monthly themes you prefer, or a combination.

After you have done your month review, look back over your planner, bullet journal, and/ or month reviews (if you did them) for the past year. See if you notice any patterns or trends. Ask yourself the following questions:

Which actions did I repeat throughout the year? Were these actions helpful? Were there other actions I could have done instead that would have been more helpful?

Which actions changed during the course of the year? What did I do more of, or less of, at different times of the year? Why?

Are there any patterns or trends in my relationships (personal, family, work/ school)?

Are there any patterns or trends in my productivity during the year? When was I most productive? When was I least productive?

Are there any patterns or trends in my mental health during the year? When did I feel most stressed/ anxious? When did I feel most satisfied/ relaxed?

Now think back over the past decade. I know ten years is a long time, and a lot of things change. But overall:

Do you notice any patterns or trends in your actions, relationships, productivity, and mental health? Which years were these aspects most postive? Which years were they more challenging?

Do you notice any cyclicity in the years? For example do you notice you are more anxious, more productive, or more relaxed at certain times of the year?

Now think ahead to the upcoming year. How can you use this information to help prepare for the upcoming year? Use what you know about your patterns, trends, and cyclicity to know what to expect at different times of the year. For example if you notice your productivity drops during the summer or during December; if you tend to get anxious around April or May (as many people do); or you notice you seem to be particularly happy at certain times of the year, plan ahead for ways to cope with the challenges and take advantage of the happy and more productive times. 

For more help with evaluating your month and year, the Life Noted planners have monthly and yearly review pages built right in and are designed to help you plan and track your goals all year. They are available in academic year or January-December formats. Click the links for more information including where to buy.

Month review posts are on the last Friday of each month. Check back each month for a new theme!

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