Writing Wednesday: Find your best journaling method

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Do you want to journal, but can’t seem to find a journaling method you like or that you can stick with? The best journaling method is the one you will actually do, and that serves the purpose you need.

First ask yourself, what is the purpose of your journaling? Do you want to journal to vent your feelings but not necessarily to look back on later? Or do you want to write as a record of your life and to preserve memories?

For venting, any notebook will do. Some people even like to burn their notebook when they are finished, to let go of the bad feelings.

If you want to write to preserve your memories, you are in the right place! All Quo Vadis planners and notebooks use acid-free archival paper to keep your memories safe for years to come.

So then which journaling method will work best for you? Here are some different types to consider:

If you want free and open space to write as much as you want every day, choose an undated notebook for the ultimate freedom.

Habana notebooks

If like many people you find a blank page intimidating, you don’t have time to write a lot every day, or you tend to start a journal then stop a few days later, a dated page per day diary is a great choice. The predated pages will encourage you to write something every day, and the limit of one page per day helps you distill your writing to just the important stuff. Our Page Per Day Challenge will help you get into the habit of doing a little bit of journaling every day.

Journal 21 page per day planner

If you are super busy but want to capture a little bit about each day, try micro-journaling in your planner.

Micro-journaling in the Hebdo weekly planner

If you are working toward a goal, journaling can be a great way to keep track of your progress. This is especially helpful for long-term things that tend to progress slowly like recovery from an injury, managing medical conditions, or anxiety/ depression. Being able to look back in your journal and see you are better than you were in the past can help you stay motivated and keep up your morale. It can also help you figure out what works to help you get better and what doesn’t. Click here for more information on goals journaling.

Goals journaling in the Life Noted planner

For more ideas on different journaling methods, click on these links to see posts for journaling memories of your children, journaling exercises to help create a positive mindset, and pain therapy journaling.

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  1. Journal 21 is perfect for journaling (at least for me.) If I miss a day here and there it serves as a continuation page for days I have lots to write.

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