Time management Monday: A planner for every planning need!

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Quo Vadis planners come in a huge variety of sizes and formats. We have a planner for every planning need!

If you want a small planner to supplement your phone calendar and take with you everywhere, check out our range of pocket size planners! With weekly or week + notes layouts, you can keep track of your tasks and appointments on the go.

Space 17 pocket size week + notes planner

If you are very busy and need to see your schedule timed to the half hour alongside your tasks lists, see our planners with timed daily columns and weekly lists dashboards. These planners allow you to time block your schedule and categorize your lists. They come in all sizes including pocket, compact, medium, large, and extra large. Click here to see more information on our range of planners for busy people!

Minister weekly planner

If you want flexible planning with an open format, check out our medium size Hebdo or pocket size Sapa X weekly planners. They give you unrestricted space to write your plans and notes, or to do micro-journaling.

Hebdo weekly planner

Are you looking for a planner that is designed to help you set and track your goals all year? You want the Life Noted planner, with annual and monthly goals and review pages, and space on the weekly pages to write your goal action steps.

Life Noted planner


Many of our planner formats come in multiple sizes, and in January-December or academic year formats. All Quo Vadis planners come with a selection of soft refillable covers in a variety of colors and materials. You can see the entire range of Quo Vadis planners with all the cover options at QuoVadisPlanners.com.

And of course every Quo Vadis planner has beautifully smooth, sustainably sourced Clairefontaine paper made in France. Many of our planners use paper that has specifically been designed to be used with fountain pens and other inks. See the list of our fountain pen friendly planners here.

If you have a question about which planner is right for you, please post a comment and I’ll be happy to help you find your perfect planner!


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