The future of paper planners, revisited again!

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Back in December 2014 I wrote a post about the future of paper planners, which was revisiting the topic after this post two years previously (back before I wrote Quo Vadis blog!) which referred to a post I wrote on my personal blog back in September 2012. Reading that series of posts now has me thinking about how planners have changed in recent years, and what the future might hold for planners in general.

I’ve been using planners since high school, and started my personal blog about planners 10 years ago. It has been very interesting to see the roller coaster ride the planner industry has been on in that time.

Back when I wrote this post in September 2012, paper planners seemed to be on the decline. The comments on that post are very interesting, especially seeing what has and hasn’t come to pass since then.

Erin Condren had introduced their LifePlanners not long before that post, and soon after they started really taking off. Then other brands came along to ride that wave of success, and the decorative planner boom began.

Then in 2014 (?) Passion Planner went on Kickstarter, and was hugely successful. Since then they have grown, and other planner brands have blossomed in the goal-setting planner realm.

There is a lot of crossover in the decorative/ goal-setting planner world. Many Passion Planner users like to decorate their pages. Erin Condren, Inkwell Press and other decorative planners have goal-setting pages.

And then a few years ago, planner building websites like Agendio, Personal-Planner, and others came out where you can choose your planner pages, design the formats, and add personalized content. Some of these customization websites are easier to use than others, and some can be very expensive.

Another option is to skip having to purchase a planner at all, and print your own. There are loads of printable planner pages (free or for sale) available online.

And of course there is always the option to use a Bullet Journal as your planner, if you have the patience to draw out your planner pages.

Now looking back on 2012 when technology seemed about to take over the planning world, I never could have imagined that paper planners would have boomed into such popularity and variety.

Now the question is, where are paper planners going? What is the future for paper planners? What do you think the next five or ten years will hold for the paper planner industry?

Planner fads come and go, but Quo Vadis has been producing planners since 1954. In all those years, millions of people have organized their time and kept track of their lives in Quo Vadis planners. The focus on quality, reliability, and effective time management is what keeps Quo Vadis users coming back year after year.

Some Quo Vadis planners are new, like the Life Noted planner that helps you set and track your life goals. Others have been around for decades, like the Trinote which has the original Agenda Planning Diary format that started it all.

What do you think is the future of paper planners?

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