Should you throw away or keep old planners?

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This is a question I frequently see online in the planner groups. Should you keep your old planners? Or should you get rid of them?

Especially since the KonMari method and other minimalism movements have come to the forefront, more and more people are questioning whether they should jettison their old planners.

There’s no doubt that decluttering can help you focus on what is important and streamline your lifestyle. But the point is not to get rid of as much as possible. It’s to keep the things you enjoy and use.

So then the question to ask yourself is, do you enjoy keeping your old planners and/ or do you find them useful?

As I wrote in this post, I keep all my old planners. They are a record of my life, and an honest account of what my life was like at the time. I also find them useful as a reference and I use them to retrieve information or refer to specific dates.

Many long-time Quo Vadis planner users like to keep their old planners. Some, like Tracie who we featured here on Quo Vadis blog awhile back, have amassed quite a collection! Below you can see the Quo Vadis Journal 21 planners she has used over the years.

Tracie’s Quo Vadis Journal 21 daily planners

Some Quo Vadis planner users have their planners going back 20 years and more! And since all Quo Vadis planners and notebooks are made with acid-free archival paper, your planners will keep the record of your life for years to come.

Do you like to keep your old planners? Or do you throw them away?


6 thoughts on “Should you throw away or keep old planners?

  1. I am going to keep mine because it is indeed a record of your life. If I can mention a brand, Sterilite is made in the USA, and have excellent storage totes. They could hold planners neatly and safely stored.

    Who knows what will happen to social media where lots of people post lots about their lives.

    That planner, calendar or notebook lasts as long as you keep it safely stored.

  2. I keep mine. I’m bad with dates, so I have used them to look up things. I also find it interesting to see how my life has changed over the years.

  3. I struggle with this question as well. I keep my journals, which are a sort of bullet journal/commonplace book which I have created an index for. I tend to put the important information there rather than in my planner and just use my planner for planning. So I have gotten rid of some planners, but I have kept some. I am still trying to figure out my system…

  4. I have found that making an index to your planner/journal to be absolutely invaluable. Each one contains aa n amazing amount of information, but it is worthless if you can find it. I make an alphabetical index of people, events, etc.. By numbering each page and referencing that page number with person or event, I can find anything in a manner of minutes.

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