Writing Wednesday: Inkophile reviews Herbin Vert de Gris ink

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Inkophile recently did an excellent review of Herbin Vert de Gris ink. Vert de Gris is one of the Herbin Jewel of Ink colors, and is based on the lovely grey/ green patina that appears on aging copper.

In the review she describes the color as “a deep, dark teal” and shows writing samples of the ink on Clairefontaine paper with different pens to show the effect of different nibs, and a paper towel blot to see the saturated color. She concludes:

No fancy-schmancy, two-toned, glittery look to Herbin’s Vert de Gris. Rather it is a well-behaved ink dressed in teal that could easily augment an everyday-carry (EDC) selection of blue and black. At least that’s what my pens recommend and I would not disagree.

(In my opinion this would also be a great ink to use for shading in your Inktober creations!)

Click here to see the entire review of Vert de Gris on Inkophile including photos of the writing samples.

Vert de Gris is available at Goulet Pens and other fine retailers.

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