Writing Wednesday: How to choose your perfect journaling notebook

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Choosing a notebook for journaling is a big decision. This is a notebook where you will be writing your innermost thoughts and precious memories. You want to use a notebook you will love, and that will last. Here are some criteria to look for:

Archival quality: Obviously if you are going to write a journal, you want to be able to read your writings years from now. All Quo Vadis notebooks have acid-free, archival quality paper and are sewn bound for durability.

Excellent paper: Quo Vadis notebooks use Clairefontaine paper, which is made in France and is world-famous for its superior quality and writing pleasure. The smooth paper is designed to be used with fountain pens and a variety of inks, and is a joy to write on.

Lay flat for writing: For many people, a notebook that won’t lie flat while writing in it is a dealbreaker. It’s uncomfortable to have to push the notebook open while trying to write. Not an issue with Quo Vadis notebooks: they all lie open flat while writing.

Size: If you’ll be carrying your journal with you everywhere, you will probably prefer a pocket size journal. If your journal will stay home, you may want a larger journal for more writing space.

Page type: If you will be doing just writing, you will probably prefer lined pages. For art journaling/ sketching, you may want blank pages. For bullet journaling, you will probably want dot grid pages. Habana notebooks come with lined or blank pages, or with dot-grid pages. If you want more structure to your pages, the Life Journal Infinite has formatted pages but is undated so you can start any time.

Eco-friendly: All Quo Vadis notebooks have sustainably-sourced PEFC-certified paper made in France, with strict environmental standards. If you want to go a step further, you can use our refillable journals so you can use the same cover over and over and just refill the book when your journal is finished.

No matter what you are looking for in a journal, Quo Vadis notebooks have you covered! See the entire collection of Quo Vadis notebooks here.

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