Writing Wednesday: Drawing or painting in your travel journal

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Artist Cris Franchevich is running a series of worshops on starting a travel journal. The first one is this Saturday the 26th of October (with the focus on drawing architecture and perspective), and the second one is the following Saturday November 2nd (with the focus on drawing people, vegetation, and entourage).

The focus of these workshops is drawing rather than writing in your travel journal. I am inept at art in all forms, so I write my travel journal and take photos. But I completely get the point of drawing the scenes instead, as Cris says:

A travel diary can engage and capture a deeper understanding of your mindset during a travel experience that looking at photos alone just can’t accomplish. Sketching connects us more intimately with our surroundings and creates a memorable record of our travels in ways that a camera cannot.

I can see how drawing a scene captures the mood you felt while you were there in a more personal way than a photo would.

Do you draw/ sketch/ paint in your travel journals?

(Product shown: Clairefontaine Graf It sketchpad)


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