Month Review Theme for October 2019: People

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Welcome to this month’s post in our series designed to help you do your Month Reviews!

Monthly reviews help you see what worked well and what didn’t in the past month. This helps you prepare for success in the next month. Doing monthly reviews regularly can help you stay on track with your goals and priorities.

In this monthly review series, each month has a new theme. You can pick the theme you like best and do that every month, or you can do the new theme each month, or pick and choose the elements you like from all the month themes to do your monthly review. Remember, this is all about you! Do what you find most useful.

You can see how to do a basic month review here, and you can see all the month review themes so far here.

This month’s theme is people. We all interact with people every day, in person and online. Sometimes our interactions work well and sometimes…not so well. The quality of our interactions with people can depend on a lot of factors: how we feel about that person, our relationship with that person, who is in charge, your mood or generally how you are feeling at that moment, etc. Especially if you are a parent, healthcare worker, or in a service industry, much of your time and energy is spent on fulfilling other people’s needs. It’s important to balance other people’s needs and wants with your own. Make sure to take care of yourself, so you can take care of others.

Look back through your planner, journal, and/ or bullet journal for the past month and ask yourself these questions:

Which people did I interact with the most this month? What are my relationships with these people? Are these relationships the best they can be? Are they what I want them to be?

Which people did I interact with this month who I should have interacted with more, or more effectively? What can I do in the future to have better interactions with these people?

Which interactions didn’t go so well this month? What could I have done better in those situations?

Who was difficult to deal with this month?

How could I have communicated better this month?

Which people helped me the most this month? How can I show them I appreciate their help?

Which people am I most grateful to have in my life?

Which people did I help the most this month?

Which people are most important for me to communicate with in the upcoming month?

The Life Noted planners have monthly review pages built right in and are designed to help you plan and track your goals all year. They are available in academic year or January-December formats. Click the links for more information including where to buy.

Month review posts are on the last Friday of each month. Check back each month for a new theme!

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