Interchangeable planners and cover sizes

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Quo Vadis planners use soft refillable covers that can be used year after year. So when it’s time to replace your planner, you can buy just the planner refill to use in your favorite cover.

But if you want to change your planner, or even use a notebook in your cover, below is a list of equivalent planner and notebook sizes so you can use your favorite cover with a different planner. Click on the links for more information on each planner and the covers available for it. The planner information pages have links to buy the planner with a cover of your choice, or just the refill to use in the cover you already have.

These are all the same size, and can all use the same covers: the Minister, Academic Minister, Hebdo, Scholar, Space 24, Life Noted, Academic Life Noted, and Refillable Notebook. (Note: the spiral-bound Scholar planners do not work in the refillable covers.)

Life Noted and Academic Life Noted goal-setting planners

So for example if you’ve been using the Academic Minister or Scholar planners and want to switch over to the calendar-year Minister or Hebdo planners, you can use the same cover and just buy the refill. Or if you have used one of these planners and want to use your planner cover with a notebook, you can get the notebook refill and use your cover.

Other planners that are the same size and can use the same covers:

Trinote/ Principal/ Monthly 4

Monthly 4 planner


Sapa X/ Sapa X Academic

Sapa X and Academic Sapa X pocket size weekly planners

Business/ University

calendar year Business and academic year University pocket size weekly layout

IB Traveler/ Space 17/ Biweek/ Visoplan

Space 17 pocket size week + notes planner

Textagenda/ Notor

academic year Textagenda and January-December Notor day per page layout

If you want to buy just a cover, Classic Office Products sells the covers separately so you can choose any cover style and color you want.

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