Your ideal planner: structured or open-format?

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When it comes to planning, do you like to see your timed weekly schedule alongside your task lists so you can see what you need to do and when you have time to do it? Or do you prefer unstructured open space to write events, to-dos, and notes? Either way, we have the perfect planner for you!

If you like to see your busy schedule timed to the half hour with a weekly dashboard for lists and notes, take a look at the Minister weekly planner (also available in an academic year format). This popular layout is available in a range of sizes including pocket, compact, medium, and large, see more details here.


If you want to see your schedule and weekly lists and also need space for daily notes and lists, take a look at the Trinote or the extra-large Prenote to keep your busy life together!


If you prefer an open-format planner for events, lists, and notes, check out the Hebdo weekly planner (also available as the Scholar academic year planner). You can see this post to see how Jen does bullet journaling in her Hebdo planner.


If you like a flexible format with a little more structure, check out the Life Noted planners (in January-December or academic year formats). These planners help you keep track of your schedule and tasks, and have monthly and annual goal-setting pages.


If you need a combination of structured scheduling and free-form space, check out the week + notes format Space 24 (also available as the pocket size Space 17):

In this post you can see how Debra uses her Space 24 weekly planner.

So whether you like a lot of structure, free-form space, or something in between, there is a Quo Vadis planner for you! And all Quo Vadis planners have luxurious smooth paper made in France.

See all the Quo Vadis planners here!

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