Writing Wednesday: Journaling exercises to help create a positive mindset

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It is possible to teach yourself to have a more positive mindset. Here is a very simple, yet powerful, way to train your brain to focus on positivity.

Every day, either throughout the day or at the end of the day, write at least three things you enjoyed about today. It could be anything at all, small or big, that you liked. Something that made you laugh, something you did that was fun or went well, a good conversation with a friend, something you saw…anything good that you enjoyed that day. This will help your brain focus on positive things and will help reinforce good memories in your mind.

In addition, write at least three things you are looking forward to tomorrow. This will train your brain to think optimistically, and will help you start your day with a positive mindset.

This doesn’t have to take long, and can be part of your Page Per Day Challenge if you like. The more you write about positive experiences, the more powerful this exercise will be. And the longer you keep up with it, the greater the effect.

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