Time management Monday: The simple power of bucket lists

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This summer my son wrote a bucket list of what he wanted to do before school started. He wrote places he wanted to go, things he wanted to do, books he wanted to read, friends he wanted to meet up with. It was a great way to help him focus on his priorities, and it helped keep him off screens. Every time he started to go down the rabbit hole of scrolling through his phone, he checked his list to see what he could be doing instead.

His bucket list was a perfect example of goals. Each item was distinct and specific: finish reading these books. Meet up with these friends. And there was a time limit: before school started. It really helped him prioritize his time.

By the end of the summer, he completed almost everything on his list. Those checked-off items became a record of fun things he did over the summer, and things he accomplished. He learned some coding. He had fun outings with friends. He went to new places.

I had never written a bucket list before but now I’m convinced.

Do you write bucket lists?

2 thoughts on “Time management Monday: The simple power of bucket lists

  1. Yes! When my husband and I go on vacation, we make a list of things we want to do and highlight the things that would be most disappointing if we didn’t do them. Most of our vacation activities are outdoors-focused, so,we include a few things to do if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Although we’re usually not happy to see the end of our vacation, it feels great to know we did all the things we really wanted to do plus some additional activities/discoveries.

    In my everyday life, I tend to think in terms of tasks and projects, not bucket list items. Looks like I need to re-examine that!

    • I love the way you prioritize the things you really want to do! That is a great way to feel satisfied with what you did, even if you didn’t manage to get to everything on your list.

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