Time management Monday: The different values of 10 minutes now vs then

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10 minutes can make a big difference in how your day goes. But not every 10 minutes in your day has the same value. Some 10 minutes make a bigger impact than others.

Here’s an example: say you are going on an all-day road trip. It doesn’t matter if you arrive within a particular 10-minute window. But taking 10 minutes before you leave to pack a healthy lunch, snacks, and plenty of water can make a big difference in your trip. You’ll make fewer stops, spend less money, eat more healthily, and make everyone in the car happier than if you didn’t take that 10 minutes to prepare.

Here’s another everyday example: if you are like most people, 10 minutes in the morning is a significant amount of time. If you get sidetracked by 10 minutes in the morning, that’s probably going to put you into a time crunch. It can cause you to miss your train/ bus, have to drive through heavier traffic, and possibly make you arrive late. At the very minimum it creates aggravation, which is not a pleasant way to start your day.

But in the evening, 10 minutes usually isn’t that crucial. If something doesn’t happen exactly within a particular 10 minute timeframe, it’s probably not a big deal.

Think about what a difference 10 minutes in the morning makes, and defer that 10 minutes to the evening before. Take 10 minutes to set out your clothes and put together/ pack what you need for the next day. Often this exercise can save you more than just 10 minutes if you realize you need to prepare/ bring something you otherwise would have forgotten.

Taking 10 minutes to calmly review your notes ahead of time is much more effective than frantically looking through your notes 10 minutes right before your big test/ presentation. Stopping to put fuel in your car on your way home is probably better than possibly forgetting to leave earlier in the morning to fill up on the way.

Think about times when 10 minutes on either side can make a difference, then take action during the ten minutes when it’s most effective.

2 thoughts on “Time management Monday: The different values of 10 minutes now vs then

  1. This is so true! 10 minutes can make or break my commute, and have a ripple effect on my day. Organizing clothes, lunch, and getting fuel in my car in the evening makes such a difference! Starting my day organized and not having to rush changes everything.

    • I completely agree! If I’m 10 minutes off my morning routine, it makes the difference between things happening the way they are supposed to or starting the day in chaos. Plus I hate starting the day feeling rushed and stressed.

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