Time management Monday: Planner stickers

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To do today stickers

Many people enjoy using stickers in their planner. Some people use stickers to decorate their pages, some people use functional stickers, and some use a combination of both.

Functional stickers can be decorative or plain. They range from stick-in to-do lists and habit trackers, to reminder stickers like Payday, Pay Bills, Laundry, Birthday, Deadline, etc.

Quo Vadis doesn’t make planner stickers, but there are loads of planner stickers available online and in stores for all sizes and types of planners. Some stickers are pre-made for you to purchase. Others are a digital download where you print them yourself onto sticker paper and cut them out.

Below are the dimensions of the day spaces in some of our most popular planners, if you want to look for stickers to fit them. This is just me measuring the spaces with a ruler, so these are as accurate as I can do.

You can click on the name of each planner to see a picture of each planner’s weekly pages and to see more information about each planner.

The planners listed in the category below are weekly planners with the days as vertical columns.

weekly layout of the Minister and Academic Minister planners

Here are the column widths:

Minister/ Academic Minister/ Executive: 1 1/4 inches/ 3.3 cm

President: 1 7/8 inches/ 4.5 cm

Trinote: 1 1/2 inches/ 4 cm

Prenote: 1 7/8 inches/ 4.5 cm


The planners listed below are weekly planners with the days as horizontal blocks. The dimensions of the day spaces are:

Hebdo/ Scholar: width: 4 1/2 inches/ 11 cm. Height: 2 3/8 inches/ 6 cm (This does not include the space for the date and the day’s priority, it is the dimensions of the large lined space each day.)

Weekly layout of Hebdo and Scholar planners

Life Noted/ Academic Life Noted planner:

Day spaces in Life Noted planner

The dimensions of the entire day space are:  Width: 5 1/8 inches/ 13 cm. Height: 1 7/8 inches.

The width of the left side of the space is: 3 10/ 16 inches/ 9.2 cm

The width of the daily To Do List area is: 1 1/2 inches/ 3.8 cm

Do you use stickers in your planner? Do you use decorative stickers, functional stickers, or both?

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