Time management Monday: How to break down your annual goals into monthly action steps

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In this post I showed you how to determine your big priorities for the upcoming year. In today’s post I’ll show you how to break down your priorities into goals for the year, and action steps for each month.

The Life Noted planner has pages that help you evaluate different areas of your life, and determine your priorities, which I showed in this post. The next step is to turn your priorities into goals, and then action steps to work on each month.

The Life Noted planner has pages that allow you to list your goals for the year, write a plan for how you will implement each goal, and hold yourself accountable by setting a target date to complete each goal (left page).

On the right page there are spaces to briefly write your plan for each goal in each month. This is a great way to plan your progress throughout the year. It also lets you see if you are overextending yourself in any particular month by trying to take on too much.

Embedded in the weekly pages of the planner are monthly pages that allow you to track and evaluate your progress toward each goal every month (left page). These pages are at the end of the weekly pages for each month so it’s easy to remember to do your monthly goals evaluation.

After you have evaluated your progress toward each of your goals, the next page gives you spaces to list your goals for the next month and set your action steps for each one.

This monthly exercise will keep you on track toward your goals, allowing you to see your progress each month. It also allows you to see if your priorities change, if you get sidetracked, or if other things come up. Then each month you can re-evaluate your priorities and goals so that you can start each month fresh with a plan to complete your most important actions.

This is a very simple, but highly effective way to easily see your goals and your progress throughout the year. The Life Noted planner is designed not only to keep you on track toward your goals all year, but gives you the flexibility to change as your priorities shift during the year.

The Life Noted planners are available in academic year and January-December formats to help you stay on track with your goals all year. For more information about the Life Noted planners, including where to buy them no matter where you are in the world, click here!

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