Month Theme for September 2019: Remember the Reason

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On the first Wednesday of each month we have a post with the month’s theme. The month theme is something to think about, journal about, include in your daily intentions, and/or be mindful of all month. It’s also a good topic for folks doing our Page Per Day Challenge.

Sometimes we lose sight of why we do the things we do. We set goals, we work hard, we check off the items on our to-do list. But why are we doing all of these things?

This month’s theme is to remember the reason why you do all the things you do. It’s easy to feel like you’re on a treadmill doing the same things day after day or week after week. But why are you doing all of these things?

The answer, ultimately, is to enjoy your life. That doesn’t mean everything is going to be fun and games. You have to put in the hard work to reap the benefits. But make sure to remember why you’re doing it all, and enjoy it along the way.

You want to get in better shape? Don’t just slog through your workout day after day. Do something you actually enjoy. Remember your reasons for starting in the first place: you want to get fit and live a healthy life. Keep in mind your long-term goals. But also remember that you are living your life now. Pay attention and enjoy it.

Remind yourself why the things you do are important: you are taking care of yourself, your family, your future. Don’t put on blinders and crank single-mindedly on your goals with the idea that once you have achieved everything on your list, then you’ll be happy. On your way toward your long-term goals, make sure to enjoy your life along the way.

As you do your daily tasks, find joy in the meaning behind them.

The Month Theme comes out on the first Wednesday of each month. You can see all the month themes here.

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