Goulet Pens Inksploration Featuring Herbin Kyanite du Nepal

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Lydia at Goulet Pens did an Inksploration featuring the new Herbin Anniversary ink Kyanite du Nepal. She really explored this ink in depth and detail!

She did a full review of the ink including flow, drying time, shading and shimmer, etc. She did writing samples, smear tests, drip tests and more. She used it on different papers and with different pens to see how it performed. And, she compared it to other similar inks.

Not only that, she created a beautiful piece of art with Kyanite du Nepal! Her drippy blue ice cream cone was inspired by the heat of the day she did the piece, and the cool blue of the ink went along well with the theme. She said in her post, “If you are looking for ink with a little pop, but not a lot of in-your-face sparkle, Kyanite du Népal is the choice for you! I love that it helped my drawing look like a tasty summer treat.”

You can see her Inksploration post here showing her entire review of Kyanite du Nepal, and below you can see her video showing how she did the picture:

You can buy Kyanite du Nepal ink from Goulet Pens and other fine retailers.

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